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The Advantages of Masonry As a Building Material

The construction of a wall or foundation is often done in masonry. The strength of masonry walls and foundations is derived from the friction between the interlocking blocks. Some retaining walls are constructed without mortar, thereby avoiding the cost of using a cementitious substance.

However, when it comes to constructing a house or a building, masonry is the preferred choice because it offers more flexibility in terms of design and style.

Brick is an excellent choice for a building or a home. It is fire-resistant, moisture-free, and very firm. It can last for decades. Unlike many other construction materials, brick can cause internal flooding, which requires cutting the concrete block walls to correct.

This leads to a waste of materials and costly reparations. This makes drainage a vital aspect in concrete block masonry. Lastly, it is very easy to install and requires little maintenance.

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The benefits of masonry walls are numerous. In buildings, walls provide strength and durability and are excellent at controlling temperature both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, walls are very resistant to the effects of extreme gravity and lateral loads.

Therefore, the enduring nature of masonry walls makes them an excellent choice for a building’s exterior. You can rely on a well-built retaining wall to last for decades. You don’t have to worry about damage to it because it’s very durable. If you are in need of a masonry service contact Maurice building supplies corp today.