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Brick Supply Queens

Bricks are a durable, versatile, understated, yet elegant material. From chimneys and walkways to patios and walls, bricks can be used in a multitude of ways for both commercial and residential construction projects. They add architectural interest and warmth to any application they’re used for.

Maurice Building Supplies offers a large selection of premium-quality brick products for the contractors and homeowners of Queens and Brooklyn, New York. Whether you’re building a flowerbed, updating a fireplace, constructing an outdoor living area, or using bricks in any other capacity, you’ll find the materials you need at Maurice Building Supply.

Brick: A Functional Building Material

Brick has been a standard building material used in various types of landscaping and construction applications for centuries. The following characteristics of brick make it the ideal material for masonry projects:

· Fire-resistant. Brick can withstand excessive temperatures with ease
· Durability. It can stand up to the elements and excessive wear-and-tear, maintaining its original look long after it has been installed.
· Insulating qualities. Brick slowly absorbs and releases heat and can help conserve energy
· Environmentally friendly. Compared to other building materials, brick creates minimal waste.

In addition to these benefits, brick is also aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. These advantages make brick one of the most versatile and functional masonry materials.

Maurice Building Supplies: Your One-Stop Brick Supply Shop

Maurice Building Supplies offers a wide selection of bricks in a diverse selection of colors, finishes, and styles from leading manufacturers, including:

· Belden
· Glen Gery
· Hanson Brick
· Hebron Brick Company
· IXL Brick
· Ochs Brick Company
· Old Virginia Brick
· Redland Brick
· Sioux City Brick & Tile
· The Bowerston Shale Company
· Watsontown

No matter the scope or the size of your construction project, you’ll find the brick supplies you need at our Maspeth, New York location. To learn more about our products, stop by or give us a call at 718.478.2700. One of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to assist you with all of your needs.

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