Nicolock Accents


Capstones are used at the top of any pier kit and wall system as the finishing touch that complements the installation. The style and color can match or contrast the pier or wall.
Circles & Fans
Circles and fans can add a unique and creative touch to any patio, walkway, driveway, pool deck or driveway apron installation. Installation options include full circles, half circles, circles within circles, fans, and sweeping curves. Set your home apart by adding a touch of distinction with Nicolock’s circle kits.
Coping can add the finishing touch to any pool deck, step tread, patio, walkway, or driveway. Choose a color to match or contrast the paving system.
Nicolock’s treads can be used as steps and as coping. These treads have a beautiful and natural looking textured surface that resembles natural quarry stone.
Edging & Borders
Edging is a practical and attractive way to keep the beauty of nature alive for your garden area, driveway, patio, and walkway. Edging can enhance your property and help contain your garden and lawn areas. And Camelback pavers are a versatile and attractive paving stone that can be used as a unique edge that also acts as the perfect drainage solution. Camelback can also be used to make speed bumps or attractive wall accents.
Nicolock piers can be used to accentuate patios, steps, walkways, pool decks, and driveway entrances alike. Pier kits also make it possible to install lighting so that you can enjoy your outdoor living areas all night long